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hoping to find one who I can share my bacon with

Another Poem Another Day

She called me at 2am
waking me to tell me
that her power went out
and that there was
no possible way that
she would be
able to sleep as
as the night

I said she should spend the
night here.

because if I’m not
going to be sleeping, I’d
rather the reason to be you,”

by the time she came over
I fell asleep, apparently
snoring, mouth open on my couch

and she found it rude to just
flat out wake me, so she took her time,
showered instead and then
proceeded to make bacon.

When I opened my eyes
to the heavenly aroma,
she was standing there,
hair still wet, wearing one
of my shirts as a night gown
(with nothing underneath)
holding a plate of bacon
smiling telling me to wake up
it was morning.

It was 4:30 and although
I usually brutally murder…

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Day 1

First day of freedom, yet I don’t know what to do or where to start. I currently have one too many choices that I am lost.

Long term goal: Still searching
Short term goal: Prepare for the LSAT in June 2013 (~3 months)

  1. Assist patent lawyer at his law firm AND move to LA- need to know more about what it entails.
  2. Work with a non-profitable national org AND develop leadership skills by a certified coach AND remain in Dallas – also need to find out more on how I will be trained to develop my leadership skills.

Two great opportunities that lead to different paths. Perhaps both will merge in the future, but I can’t foresee what will happen. It’s a tough decision that I’ll have to make soon. Yet in the meantime, I don’t have any to consult with. Within my circle of network, people lack the interest in such fields, are too conservative and believe I should return to work, are too passionate in one and dismiss the other, or lack life experience to analyze and to compare and contrast the two options.

For me, both are important, but which one can I forgo right now?