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Lose yourself to creation and you will never be lost in Life! (Repost)

March 6, 2013

Lose yourself to creation and you will never be lost in Life! (Repost)

“Try this: Lose yourself to a sunrise or walk in the rain. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Look at a flower. Hear the bird songs, look at your child sleeping peacefully, hold your companion’s hand, watch a tree laden with fruit… any of these or your own. But for a full minute. In that minute, as long as you have lost yourself to creation, I promise you, there will be no unhappiness, no worry, no turmoil in you. The Cosmic Design has a unique feature that only makes all of creation happy. But to experience that you have to learn to lose yourself. You have rid yourself of yourself, of your thought and immerse your Self in the beauty of this Universe.”

Right after I started the blog, I learned about Storylane – a place where people share things that matters, thought provoking and inspirational messages.  I now use it as a source for  daily inspirations, a place to help me feel connected even when I’m lost.  This story from AVIS really resonante with me right now.  I’m so caught up in myself, my future, that I forget about the moment.  In today’s fast paced society, it’s hard to take the time to stop and just enjoy what we’re given.  I have a hard time remembering to do this, and so I’m grateful of AVIS’s story to remind me.  If every one of us has a person in our lives who can teach us and remind us to take in a deep breath and enjoy the moment, we can be happier.


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